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Yea, more on reviews:
She gave the longest speech ever at the Oscar's**
hint hint**
We have all seen the actor who gets the award and thanks the whole world while the emcee is trying to drag the poor guy off the stage. The sound guys shut down the mic. You can almost hear the control booth screaming, ‟Go to commercial.”

Well, that’s how I feel when I see a review that usually starts with, ‘Warning Spoilers’ or ‘Spoiler Alert.’

Take the pen away. Disconnect the keyboard, the internet, the wifi anything to stop them.

It’s not that I’m dead set against spoilers. Even though some people despise them. I have even shared a few spoilers. However, only one or two and never the whole plot. Those are the spoilers I’m referring to and you've seen them. Their as long as the book itself. I just don’t understand why?

Why: If you hated the book, why would you take time to re-hash it line by line. Just say ‟Ugh it stinks.”

Why: If you loved it so much then go discus it in a book club. So more people will buy it. Just say, ‟Hey, you got to buy this book.”

Why: Would you want to be sure to tell the whole plot and ruin it for those who like surprises? Just say. ‟Hey, I’m an inconsiderate slob.”

So, to those and you know who you are. I just say this. If you must do a chapter by chapter outline of a book. Go write you own book. I mean like, your half way there. You already proved you know how to outline.

And that brings me to.... Catrina Barton. I came across her review on a friend's book. Miss Barton knows how the give a review. She tells you about the book. The good, the bad, and the ugly and not the whole story line. If you think you have a future as a reviewer I suggest you read over some of hers.

Oh looky, here’s the links to her reviews and Fan page on Facebook. How handy is that?

In all seriousness, if you like to do reviews, do them. Share why or why-not you liked/disliked the book. Share a scene or two from the book. But, let each new reader experience the book the way you did, with unbiased eyes. Let them find out for themselves,
‘ the butler did it.’

Another worthless opinion of Lisa’s has come to an end. Please feel free to comment on you most valuable one.

 http://movies.msn.com/academy-awards/oscars-fun-facts-and-trivia/?photoidx=8  &  http://www.oscars.org/awards/academyawards/legacy/ceremony/15th.html

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Amazon Reviews....

I might stand alone. But, I have stood alone before. There is a lot of chit-chat about Amazon’s new review practices.

My opinion: I would like them to disappear all together.

Let’s face it, most of the reviews are not really reviews at all. Some are paid for. Some are sock puppets. Some are friends whether writers friends or not--trying to help out a author.

Also as sad as it is, some are downright vicious attempts to discredit the author.

In place of Amazon Reviews I'd like to see Amazon require those who purchase a book and then return it have to explain why they chose to return it. Come on, every book has samples. I hear authors all the time complaining about an ebook for .99 cent getting returned.

If the reader has to explain why they want a refund and that information is forwarded to the writer would that not be more beneficial then a bogus review?

There are many sites that offer reviews. If the reader really wants to know more than what the sample read has to offer they can go to one of those sites. If you have a computer you know how to Google the title and the word review.

When was the last time you purchased a hard copy book and read it—to only go back to the store and ask for a refund.

You have a right to disagree with me. All I ask is for you to be polite about it.


  1. I completely agree...reviews seem pointless. We need them, we use them, we cry over them, we party & celebrate over them....but, at the end of the day, they are the 'man' keeping a tight grip on the emotions, success or failure of the writer. I wish we could just get rid of them all together! Just my opinion of course ;)

  2. Great blog by the way Lisa!!! I always love hearing your point of view...always entertaining ;)

  3. I agree there Paige.. but I also think a real review from someone knowledgeable beats what Amazon allows on their site.

  4. Interesting that one of my paperback books regularly topped its category - with 1 review and 2 "likes". And as far as ebook returns are concerned - this should only be allowed for technical faults. Amazon wants to present a friendly face to its customers, and therefore allows this kind of crap to continue, thereby annoying its geese who lay the golden eggs (the products it sells).

  5. Wandered over from 'The Indie Exchange'...

    Why would anyone return a book?! That's just wrong.

    I'm not an author, but I do love books, read alot, and review most of what I read. I'd never consider giving a book back - I love them all, even if the subject / content and I aren't 'sympatico'.

    1. Nice to hear from a Reader...Do you post your reviews on Anazon and or a blog of your own?

    2. I post on both, as well as Goodreads (most recent addition), Shelfari, and the distributor/publisher site (NetGalley, BookSneeze, and Tyndale). My reviews auto-post to Facebook and Twitter; BlogUpp picks up the posts from Twitter and shares with their international network.

      If you'd like to review my work (lol) I have a dedicated page at http://blog.jmarkafghans.com/p/book-reviews.html

  6. Sometimes... I am sure not all the time... but sometimes they are returned because someone hit the one click button on accident. Or at least that is the explenation I was given before. I love reviews though. Some reviews have encouraged me to buy a book or told me that i might not want to buy it. I've by passed freebies because of thoughtful, well worded reviews that told me why the reader didn't like it. I've also sold some of my books because of a bad review that was the opinion of the reader... to bloody, too gruesome... too disturbing, which would make me wonder why someone bought a book labeled Occult Horror.

  7. Jesri is right. Sometimes a book is returned because it didn't download right. The customer told me about it later. She re-bought and downloaded it to her Cloud reader instead.

    But there is definitely something rotten in the Amazon jungle. Have you seen this article in Forbes? http://www.forbes.com/sites/suwcharmananderson/2012/11/07/amazon-tackles-review-problem-deletes-wrong-reviews/

    1. Yes, Anne, I did and I think is was that post that me made want to share my thoughts.

  8. Let's call this “Not So Worthless Opinion's of Lisa.” That is more like it. Your modesty is really making the rest of us look bad.

    Good topic Lisa. I used to think Amazon reviews were all credible. I don’t feel that way anymore. When my book Home Wrecker first came out I received several reviews in a row by a person that I had a falling out with. It felt like such a violation. It made me feel defeated. If I was going to get negative reviews, then I wanted it to be from a real reader who hated my book, for real!

    1. Brenda, That's one of my arguments. It really is a free for all at times. And there is no way the big A can control it.

      Ps. I am sorry you were a victim of it's abuse.

  9. You see this type of viciousness (the bad reviews) all over the internet, even in the comment section of news articles. Manners and tact go out the window. The anonymity the internet promises breeds a lot of hatred and fearlessness in a lot of people who would otherwise be timid in the real world for fear of reprisal by their opinions.

    As to the paid for and overly positive reviews from author friends, well, those have been around for longer than the internet. It's common in advertising, to nudge consumers to purchasing a product and spreading the word about that product. It's not right or wrong, just business.

  10. When I post a review it's an honest review and I'm NOT anonymous. You can find me on the Web no problem. Second, I do agree that many reviews appear to be bogus. I just read a book that was no more than three stars in my opinion. Yet the author got nothing but five star reviews - except from me. I will continue to post HONEST reviews at Amazon and at Goodreads. If authors don't want honest reviews, then they should stop writing for the public.