Thursday, April 18, 2013

Titles,Titles Everywhere or TheTitle Is...

This week I was asked (as if my opinion mattered) to vote on a potential title for a new book.

I didn’t like any of them, and of course I said so. I thought, I did it nicely, but then again- maybe not (that the author’s opinion) isn’t it. However, I was trying to be honest.

I guess that’s one of the points I am trying to make. Who’s opinion matters most when you title your book? What is your title supposed to do for your work?

In my opinion the title should make the reader seek more information, or give an indication of what to expect when they flutter through the pages of your novel.. And that’s why some authors have been known to be traumatized when it comes to choosing the ‟Perfect Title.”

I have it on great authority of the gazillion books Amazon alone offered the world 145,324* are on hold waiting for the bestest title.

My own experience with titles. I named the piece. I saw it in my head that way. The whole time I worked on it the title stuck. The story was wrapped and weaved around the title. Why, I even listed it that way in my word processor. So, that should tell you something. Right?

However, when I began to share it and talk about it, in the last stages, I kept calling it something else. Now, my presumed title that I worked with for a year and a half was replaced.

Here are some Great Titles.. see if you can tell what the story would be about.

How to Murder a Pig.

1. How to butcher a hog.

2. Cook book for pork.

3. How to kill off your slob of a spouse.(BBQ sauce recipe included.)

The Coo-coo next Door.

1. Your neighbor the crazy guy.

2. The extinct bird farm across the street.

3. Why nice Mr. Rogers shot grannie’s irritating clock.(not for children)

Soda: the good and bad

1. Helpful hints on using soda for health.

2. How to remove paint.

3. Cheat your way to win the county belching contest and win first prize. (A Tape-deck player from 1970)

*no real statistics were harmed and if they were so what. 

 OH in case you're curious you can go here:  or here

Then, you can tell me if I should have kept the title  ..Ghostwoman.

Lisa Day

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