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In an instant the life Cassie knew disappeared.

A furiously proud Indian warrior Wolfkeeper killed her husband and stole her infant son. Hate for the white people filled him. He had need of the child. His new goal; the child must live.
Now he needed the mother to accomplish that goal. When lust grew he now wanted not just her body. He wanted her heart and soul. Not anyone or anything would stop him from his goal. When she refused, he decided to take them one small piece at a time.

A woman alone with her husband dead and son abducted. She stood before the one she hated. Her only goal: the child must live.

Cassie soon discovered she had two battles to fight. She needed to protect herself from him.. He had total control over her life. But now he was demanding her surrender to him. She also needed to save her son. She would do whatever it took to protect him. Only the ultimate mother’s sacrifice would save the child, but would it save her from him?

 George despised his stepbrother the first day he laid eyes on him.

The time will come for Clint to find a way to get back at his stepbrother and nothing will be off limits for him either. Cunning and planning get George's fiancee into his hands and alone in a cabin, far away from anywhere, he will destroy George by ruining the woman.

The fates are not with Clint as Samantha Culpepper does not destroy so easily. He may have compromised her innocence, but he did not foresee his heart getting involved and that definitely is not in the plan.

Just when Hawks realizes his feeling, but before he could figure out if it was a good thing or not his best friend shows up. He almost let go of his scheme to involve her in his plans. However, like any good friend, Mac who is handsome, likable, and interested in Samantha as soon as he laid eyes on her will complicate matters.

A date with a co-worker can go so terribly wrong.

Carla's afternoon went from bad to worse. Now, caught in the clutches of  the Insurrections biker gang, she needs some one to save her and no one is stepping up to the plate.

Hank has his own problems. Even though his rides with the gang he rarely gets involved with their mischief.

That was until inadvertently Carla  drew him into the foray. Hank is still undecided if he wants to be the villain or the hero.

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