Saturday, May 25, 2013

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An excerpt from the first Chapter:

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Cassie smiled when the two grown men started running. On seeing them scramble breathlessly up the hill apparently another contest had begun. At first, they ran neck and neck then suddenly, Todd fell. She started to laugh thinking he decided to be funny. He liked to cut up and would do so often.

When Todd didn’t rise to continue the race Cassie grew a little concerned and wondered if he had injured himself. She heard Frank shout something at her. Her husband now began to move faster up the hill toward their cabin.

He didn’t run fast enough. He collapsed not twenty feet from her. His arm reached out in vain to warn her. Instantly, the sound of laughter died in her throat. She watched a red stain spread rapidly across the back of her husband’s blue-checkered shirt. Three arrows protruded from his back as he lay unnaturally still.

The noise became deafening. Hoots and hollers from the attackers amplified as they echoed off the nearby hills. Each shattering the serenity of her once peaceful valley. It took all Cassie’s effort to keep herself from cowering due to the piercing clamor, and to tend to the events happening before her eyes.

As she stepped off the porch her legs failed to carry her. Cassie started to screech an eerie sound as she sank to the ground. The shrill noises that came from her were a cross between a hungry wolf in pain, and the roar of a ferocious bear.

The unearthly screams of despair caused the hair on the back of attacker’s necks to prickle. It stopped the warriors cold in their tracks. They grew quiet and listened to the anguished cries. However, their assault hesitated only for a few moments.

Timothy, the couple’s two-month-old son, disturbed by the turbulent events happening outside responded with howling sobs of his own. Raising her head she listened and recognized her infant son’s cries. Cassie hesitated in deciding whether to help Frank as he lay dying, if not already dead, in the dirt, or go to shield their child.

The infant son that son lay inside the cabin in the handcrafted cradle especially made for him. It kept him warm and safe, until today.

Cassie unconsciously counted the raiding party it consisted of five warriors. Turning her head toward to the cabin, staring at it, she understood there would be no time to think of a plan of action; only time for reaction. She had no choice, but to try to save him. Forcing her legs to move, through some until today untapped inner strength, she stood up.

Precariously, she began to climb back up the steps onto the porch. Knowing in truth, she would not be able to protect either of them. In one surprisingly fluent motion she entered her home and swept her beloved offspring into her arms.

She turned to discover that one of the braves had followed her inside. Her eyes filled with terror. Frozen, she stared at him. After watching a sneer form on his lips, as her vision locked on to the marks painted on the warrior’s face.

There were five dots under one eye. Only, they were not just dots they resembled teardrops. Her gut wrenched, knowing those were not tears for him, but tears of his victims and soon possibly her tears.

The knife blade in his right hand seemed to glow as the sunlight danced reflectively off it.......

Wolfkeeper's Woman
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