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This excerpt is for a friend, Jessica Kong. I know you'll enjoy it. The reviews say even if your not a fan of  Paranormal Romance and Fantasy. You will like ""A Lost Kitten."

Jessica has been getting  fantastic reviews. Even some from  those who don't normally read paranormal  books.

Here's an excerpt. You decide.

John was drifting off to sleep when he felt someone press her lips to his. His heart leapt in his chest, waking him. He did not wait to respond. He instantly showed his talented Jasira how a McCall kissed.

He had longed for this kiss since the last time. Her kiss was how he remembered. Warm. Hungry. Arousing. John growled. He sat up, careful not to end the kiss. He lured her tongue into his mouth where he could savor it. John moaned. Her taste made his trip to Surreal worth it.

Jasira’s fingers traveled down his chest and abdomen, to his throbbing root. John’s heart banged harder against his ribs. Jasira gripped him firmly, making the world tilt on its axis. John clung to the sides of the copper tub. He feared to reach for Jasira, feared to open his eyes and have her disappear like the last time. Instead, he closed his eyes tighter and enjoyed her touch.

He inhaled Jasira’s unique scent. Her arousal, mixed with vanilla, was indeed a stimulant for John. His hunger grew, swelling him further. John almost released the tub to press her lips closer, but instead he clutched the sides tighter, allowing Jasira to move over his length on her own.

John went weak with pleasure. He released Jasira’s lips. His head fell back, over the tub on a loud groan. “Jasira.” He adjusted his hips, giving her better access to his inflamed body. He had never known a woman’s touch while in his mutant form. He was unaware that his enhanced senses made him more sensitive to female touch. It fleeted through his mind that Jasira was not repulsed by his transformation. She blessed him with her amazing kisses; she caressed him with her divine hands. An unfamiliar burning developed in John’s core. It resulted in a smile.

John’s claws lengthened without his knowing. Jasira’s second hand stopped its magical voyage over his torso and limbs and cupped the back of his head. She rubbed her nose around John’s. Her arousal filled the room, increasing John’s urgency to claim her. He whispered her name as he sought her delicious mouth.

Jasira pressed her lips more firmly against his. Her hand tugged him harder. John groaned. The burning in his soul increased. His eyes ignited behind his lowered lids. Growling, he intensified their kiss. Jasira knew exactly what he wanted and how he wanted it. Her lips lifted.

“I want you, Jasira,” John huskily admitted. He opened his eyes. Through their glow, he saw the ceiling. He glanced around. The kitchen was empty. “Jasira?”

His brows drew together. He audibly groaned. His brain tried to make sense of what he was seeing. Nothing. There was no one there, yet a hand continued to bring him immense pleasure. He could barely think.

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